A career in media isn't easy. Job opportunities? Slim. Layoffs? Almost guaranteed. Financial stability? Lol. As millennial and gen z journalists, content creators, social media experts and communications​ professionals, we face an ever-changing media landscape, one that is increasingly replacing full-time positions, which often include healthcare benefits and 401(k)s, with freelance gigs, which offer freedom with a side of uncertainty and anxiety about your future. But this doesn't have to be the case for you. 


Having worked at a magazine that shuttered and being laid off at not one but two outlets, I know how defeated one can feel in this industry. But while every job loss chipped away at my passion and confidence (reminder: layoffs have zero to do with your job performance. You're amazing. It's the business that blows.), I was receiving lessons I couldn't recognize at the time -- particularly, how to be a kick-ass freelancer. While many struggle to make this new reality work for them, I excelled, and although I won't dismiss my talent and industry connections as contributors to my success, my triumphs largely come from being a hustler with smarts and heart.


Now, I want to help you.  

  • Yo Misma Fui Mi Ruta. 


    Thinking about taking on freelance media and communications work full time or as a side hustle? Let me break down the good, the bad and the ugly, and together, let's find a solution that works for you. Like Puerto Rican feminist and revolutionary poet Julia de Burgos said, we make our own paths, bbs.

  • Freelance Writing 101


    Need help breaking into the world of journalism or content creation? I can provide you with the freelance writing insight and assistance you need to kick your new career path or side project off right.

  • Let's Get Organized!


    Trying to keep your head above water with the 27 assignments you forgot were due today? Let's get you organized (it's my biggest key to success).

  • Goodbye, Financial Fears.


    Concerned about your financial future? I was, too, before I got my ish together. I want to help you come up with a plan to get your business (yes, if freelancing is your main gig, then you are self-employed, love.) expenses down, your taxes in order and your savings a priority. After all, planning ahead is how you will survive the setbacks of this unconventional career and actually enjoy your retirement.  

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