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Tenemos que hablar.

A sought-after speaker, Raquel shares her insight and experiences in honest, informative and empowering presentations that leave audiences with new knowledge, skill sets and motivation. Raquel has spoken at Facebook, We All Grow, Left Forum, the New York Communication Association Conference, ColorComm, The, BeVisible Latinx and the Roundtable on Latina Feminism as well as colleges like New York University, Hofstra University, Lehigh University, California State University, Ramapo College and the University of Central Florida, among other institutions, conferences and organizations.

Where will you bring her next?

- Arlene Dávila, NYU

"A key voice

in Latina


"Can we have

her back

every year?"

- Lehigh University

"You're a teacher,

and you're the

kind of teacher

students need."

- Marilisa Jiménez García,
  Lehigh University
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